Gear Generator-Operator

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Gear Generator-Operator Job

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    ESS6500 RMS

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    Rotary and Mission Systems

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    MMSO3A:Dynamic Comp Gear Fab

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    Stratford, CT 06615, US

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    STANDARD-Mon-Fri/8 hours a day

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 Set up and operate one or more gear generating machines and associated test equipment to formate (rough cut) and/or generate spiral bevel gears.

Typical Responsibilities

 Follow general operation methods, complicated gear summaries, parts drawings and other general instructions to generate spiral bevel gears.
 Use a wide variety of hand tools and/or dial indicators to index feeds, set cams, cutters, gear trains etc.
 Make adjustments to shift position of work piece to obtain specific angular, linear, or numerical setting for cradle, eccentric, root angles, number of teeth, blank offset, sliding base, etc.
 Use a gear test piece or blank, when available, for rough cutting in order to establish gear pattern, tooth thickness and root depth on spiral bevel gears.
 Make various mathematical calculations to adjust machine setup in order to maintain close tolerances and quality standards.
 Have test piece or sample work piece check by Working Leaders or supervisor and start generating process on production gear after approval.
 Maintain quality standards by checking work visually and with basic measuring instruments; record data manually or electronically as required.
 Monitor machine operation to maintain quality standards.
 Set stock divider (reference point) prior to removing work piece for testing.
 Load work piece in testing equipment and check part for tooth bearing pattern, backlash and concentricity.
 Analyze tooth-bearing pattern, establish correct backlash needed and make computations to initiate any necessary changes in generating machine setup.
 Analyze errors in gear charts and adjust the machine set-up and program to correct problems.
 Alternately generate and test until work piece meets quality standards.
 Maintain records of gear dimensions; gear patterns as a reference for subsequent operations; obtain inspection acceptance on first part, and work with working leader to revise gear summaries when necessary.
 Perform the most difficult repair and salvage operations.
 Perform other related work of a comparable or lower skill level as related to gear machining and check work of other operators as required.
 As needed, move materials(s) within an assigned unit.
 Refer questionable conditions or recurring difficulties to working leader or supervision.
 Perform operator checklist as required and comply with all EH&S procedures.
 As required segregate waste material and follow good housekeeping practices.

May be assigned to carry out tasks, not specifically listed, within the scope and skill level of this job description in support of department objectives and to develop individuals’ skills.

Job Qualifications

Requires a well-rounded knowledge of gear fabrications processes including gear tooth characteristics, grinding and cutting qualities of metals. Make calculations involving shop mathematics and handbook formulae including algebra and trigonometry to set up gear generators and associated test equipment. Work from blueprints, operation sheets and complicated gear summaries and use precision measuring instruments such as depth micrometers, tooth verniers and height gauges.

3 to 4 years of gear generator experience.

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