Sr. Gear Grinder,Parallel Axis

in Stratford, CT

Sr. Gear Grinder,Parallel Axis Job

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    ESS6500 RMS

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    Rotary and Mission Systems

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    MMSO3A:Dynamic Comp Gear Fab

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    Join Sikorsky

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    Stratford, CT 06615, US

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    STANDARD-Mon-Fri/8 hours a day

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 Responsible for the setup, sequencing, measurement and performance of the most difficult, unusual and precise operations utilizing designated machine tools which perform parallel axis gear grinding operations on the most complex first run and production gears. Expertise is required in the grinding of various gear steels and other alloys, carburized components, abusive machining minimization (temper), generating various gear tooth forms, splines, spur, helical and herringbone teeth on a variety of gears or related components while maintaining required tolerances. Working knowledge required in numerous gears related SS, SMS, SES,QATI and other gear specifications pertaining to the various facets of gear machining and inspection.

Typical Responsibilities

 Operator must work from complicated drawings, sketches, operation sheets, general operation methods, broad instructions and with limited supervisory assistance to plan, set up, and perform the most unusual and difficult production, developmental and repair operations, utilizing CMM and the machine part probing to determine stock allowances.
 Set up and operate a variety of machine tools with computer numerical control, numerical control, manual data input capability and special attachments.
 Plan methods and sequence of machining steps, develop and write CNC programs, select proper CBN wheels and speeds and feeds to meet cost and quality standards at each manufacturing step.
 Perform N/C Try-out to verify the operator generated N/C program achieves the operation sheet and B/P requirements.
 Utilize advanced gear measuring equipment and gauging to verify dimensions before, during and after machining.
 Work with Manufacturing Engineering and other technical support groups as necessary.
 Demonstrate the feasibility of new methods and procedures, or point out equipment malfunctions or inadequacies.
 Test new tooling and perform first time grinding operations involving complex and unusual gear configurations.
 Perform the most difficult repair and salvage operations, which may require alternate holding methods to be developed and complex mathematical calculations as required.
 Use shop mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, handbook and gear formulae to make calculations necessary for interpreting drawings, setting up machines, stock dividing, editing N/C programs, develop incremental, non menu-driven computer programs which produce parts meeting all operation sheet requirements and verifiable through first article inspection and operator dimensional inspection.
 Check first piece on each set-up and spot check thereafter to maintain specifications using a variety of precision measuring instruments.
 Analyze errors in gear charts and adjust the machine set-up and program to correct problems.
 Provide technical assistance to other production machinists and set up and operate more than one machine at a time as workload permits.
 Perform other related work of a comparable or lower skill level and assist, instruct and check work of other operators as required.
 Refer questionable conditions or recurring difficulties to working leader or supervision.
 Perform operator checklist as required and comply with all EH&S procedures and contribute to the overall effectiveness of equipment by performing operator-required upkeep.
 As required segregate waste material and follow good housekeeping practices.

May be assigned to carry out tasks, not specifically listed, within the scope and skill level of this job description in support of department objectives and to develop individuals’ skills. .

Job Qualifications

Requires a well-rounded knowledge of gear fabrications processes including gear tooth characteristics, grinding and cutting qualities of metals. Ability to use shop mathematics including algebra, trigonometry and handbook formulas to read and interpret complicated drawings and make calculations when setting up and checking work associated with gear fabrications.

3 to 4 years of parallel axis gear grinding experience.

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